Canadian government launches PocketWell app for mental health

The federal government of Canada announced on January 14 a new “PocketWell” app that expands the availability of the Wellness Together Canada (WTC) platform.

The government created the WTC in 2020 in response to the significant increase in feelings of stress, anxiety and depression that accompanied the first months of the pandemic.

Now, two years into the pandemic, the government has launched PocketWell. It is a free companion app for smartphones and offers many of the same features as the WTC website.

At the time of writing, I was able to access a mental health self-assessment tool within the PocketWell app, view lists of external services such as numbers to call or text for help, and other resources (although these simply point to the WTC website). The app also showed that a “Mood Meter” is coming soon – it will allow users to check in daily and log how they feel.

In a press release, the government said more than 2 million people in all provinces and territories had accessed the WTC portal as of January 10, 2022. Additionally, 20,000 to 30,000 people use the services every week. The government expects the launch of PocketWell to lead more Canadians to use and benefit from the WTC. Additionally, the government cited a user survey that indicated that 73% of users believed they would use the WTC more frequently if an app was available. 83% said they could benefit from an easy way to track their mental wellbeing.

You can download PocketWell for free on iOS and Android, or visit the WTC website here.

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