Can a smartphone camera help track blood pressure?, a web-based health platform, claims its app can check a person’s blood pressure simply by focusing a smartphone’s camera on the person’s face. Experts, however, remain skeptical.

What there is to know:

  • Scientists and researchers tried for years to develop a way to track blood pressure without the traditional cuff.

  • The tool analyzes the light reflected from the face to detect changes in blood flow, this is called photoplethysmography (PPG).

  • However, outside experts say much more data and studies are needed before patients could rely on this system.

  • Others wonder if the camera-based app would work on people of different skin colors, or those with facial hair or makeup.

  • David Maman, CEO and co-founder of, explains that his team conducted tests on 264 people to create the system. Those the data has not been published.

  • Mom said they are schedule more trials and will seek approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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