Bruce Springsteen tops list of highest-paid musicians of 2021: $590 million

The pandemic may have completely upended the music industry’s traditional business model, but artists have found all sorts of ways to earn multi-million dollars in 2021 — and the big winners were almost all white and male, according to a “10 highest paid musicians”. list published by Rolling Stone on Friday.

The list, created by former Forbes correspondent Zack O’Malley Greenburg, unsurprisingly includes several artists who cashed in their song catalogs for nine-figure sums last year, the big leader being Bruce Springsteen, who has no only sold his edits and recorded-the music rights to Sony Music in December for a figure of around $550 million, sources said, but he was also the rare performer to make a good sum from live performances, with his cover summer “Springsteen on Broadway”.

Seven of the 10 made the list based on catalog sales, with the only exceptions being Jay-Z, Kanye West and Taylor Swift, who had big years either with non-music ventures like West’s Yeezy shoe empire. , Jay’s sale of his half of his champagne line, or an abundance of widely released and sold music, like Swift’s four albums released in just 18 months (as well as lucrative partnerships with Peloton and Starbucks). Also of note is a previously undisclosed $50 million catalog deal from Blake Shelton.

And in a sad reflection of the state of the world, those exceptions aside, the list is made up of all older white men — with Stevie Nicks, who landed a $100 million catalog deal with Primary Wave, missing. just the threshold.

The total take of the top 10? $2.3 billion.

The reasons and ramifications behind these catalog offers were exposed by Variety and many more over the past two years, and the gold rush has to end one day. But as the long-awaited January 3 announcement of a more than $250 million deal for David Bowie’s publishing catalog shows, that hasn’t happened yet.

1. Bruce Springsteen: $550 million
2. Jay-Z: $470 million
3. Paul Simon: $260 million
4. Kanye West: $250 million
5. Ryan Tedder: $200 million
6. Red Hot Chili Peppers: $145 million
7. Lindsey Buckingham: $100 million
8. Motley Crue: $95 million
9. Blake Shelton: $83 million
10.Taylor Swift: $80 million

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