Boris Johnson’s texts with conservative peers on flat renovation ‘fairly usual’, insists No 10

TThe Prime Minister’s deputy spokesperson said Boris Johnson’s government will continue with green levies to fund renewable energy projects and the transition to net zero.

Backbench MPs including Steve Baker, the former Brexit minister who chairs the Conservative Net Zero Scrutiny MP group, urged Mr Johnson to ensure the green strategy does not jeopardize energy supplies UK domestic.

“I would like to point out to you what the Chancellor said yesterday when he said he understood the anxiety and worry people have about rising prices and inflation and over energy bills in the future. particular, “said the spokesperson.

“He said we always listen and make sure the policy we have will support people as we want them to.

“This is what our track record over the past two years shows we are doing, but in particular with regard to the cost of living, as the Minister indicated this morning on his morning tour, we are putting on average £ 1,000 more per year in the pockets of working families on universal credit, and we are raising the national minimum wage. ”


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