Boris Johnson news: Latest updates as Starmer says PM ‘literally in hiding’

No 10 apologizes to the Queen for the holidays ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral

Boris Johnson is ‘literally in hiding’ and has ‘lost the moral authority to lead’, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer has claimed, following a series of new revelations about parties in Downing Street amid Covid restrictions were in place.

No 10 was forced to apologize to Buckingham Palace on Friday after reports of two parties being held on the eve of Prince Philip’s socially distanced funeral, while another report emerged alleging the Regular ‘wine Friday’ gatherings were continuing in Downing Street despite coronavirus restrictions.

In a bid to save his post as Prime Minister, the Prime Minister has launched ‘Operation Save Big Dog’, as he seeks to build his own support within his party and draws up a list of officials who can offer their resignation after Sue Gray published the findings. of its investigation into the matter,The Independent understand.

Ms Gray was reportedly ‘completely blindsided’ by the new revelations, which came as an exclusive poll for The Independent found that 70% of voters believe the Prime Minister should resign – illustrated by warnings from some Tory MPs that their inboxes are flooded with angry complaints.


No revelations from 10 parties adding to mental health stress, Starmer says

The Partygate scandal has “added mental health stress”, suggested Sir Keir Starmer.

He said: “I am thinking, in passing, of the partygate scandal, for lack of a better word… what has happened in recent weeks, where it has become apparent that while the vast majority of the British public obey the laws, the government makes, the government and the Prime Minister were partying in Downing Street.

“I think it’s added to the mental health stress because so many people are now asking, ‘Why the hell did I do this then, when they were doing what they were doing? “.

“So I think before the pandemic we had mental health issues that got worse during the pandemic in more ways than we really understood, especially among young people. And I think the last few weeks with partygate have only made it worse.

Our political correspondent Peter Jon has more details on the Labor leader’s speech at the Fabian Society conference today:

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 12:54


Reviews | The Met is only investigating a black politician’s lockdown party – why?

write for Independent Voices, our race correspondent Nadine White points out that while more than a dozen rule-breaking parties have now allegedly taken place in Whitehall, the only one currently under investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service is that of black politician Shaun Bailey.

She writes: “The fact is that the Met cannot afford to erode black trust – any more than it already has – at a time when confidence in the police is extremely low.”

Read his reflection in full here:

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 12:37


Amid calls for his resignation, a voter made a less than favorable suggestion as to the course of action needed to deal with the prime minister.

Woman says Boris Johnson ‘needs a kick in the ass’ on Channel 4 News

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 12:22


Boris Johnson could yet make a comeback, Tory MP suggests

If anyone can turn things around, Boris Johnson can, a Tory MP has suggested.

When asked if the Prime Minister was best placed to lead the Conservatives in the next election, Colonel Bob Stewart replied: “Right now he is, because I don’t see anyone else doing it. The one thing about Boris Johnson is that if anyone can turn things around, they can, and they’ve proven that in the past.”

Pressed on that claim, he said voters of various political persuasions he had spoken with this morning had made a similar point, adding: “Look, we have – apparently – lost 10 or 11 points in the polls over the of last week.

“Polls and public opinion are very unstable. It can also swing the other way. The question is, what do I believe is possible, can Boris Johnson do it as Prime Minister? And I believe he could very possibly change the polls again. But what I think now is that there should be no more mistakes. More errors.

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 12:15 p.m.


Boris Johnson ‘needed a puppy door’ to keep him isolated

A person who worked for Boris Johnson has claimed his staff had been forced to go to extraordinary lengths to keep him from mingling with others during his second period of Covid isolation.

Talk to The temperature, the source said: “I remember we had to create a ‘cat race’ to get him down from the apartment to his office so he wouldn’t come into contact with people.

“The idea was that we could talk to him through the open door. But he kept coming out so we put two chairs across the door as a kind of puppy door.

“There was a pattern everywhere. He just didn’t think to follow the rules. They weren’t for him.

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 11:51 am


Boris Johnson has ‘lost the moral authority to lead’, says Tory MP

Tory backbencher Andrew Bridgen said Boris Johnson had ‘lost the moral authority to lead’ after presiding over a culture of ‘one rule for them and the rest of us do as we are told “.

The MP for North West Leicestershire said BBC breakfast: “[This is] not about an isolated incident, what we see with these continued revelations about what is happening at No 10 is a pattern of behavior, and ultimately the blame stops with Boris Johnson.

“What I’ve seen it seems to me that Boris Johnson and those around him can do whatever they want and the rest of us have to do as we’re told – that’s not acceptable to to me, that’s not acceptable to my constituents or, I believe, most people in the country.

“And what it certainly isn’t is ‘leveling’ in my book.”

While several reports suggest there is a general consensus among Tory MPs to await the findings of the inquiry into the party scandal, Mr Bridgen said he ‘didn’t need to see what Sue is saying Gray to know that for me Boris Johnson has lost the moral authority to lead the country”.

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 11:15 am


‘Absent’ PM is ‘literally in hiding’ and ‘must go’, says Labor leader

It is in the “national interest” for Boris Johnson to resign, argued Sir Keir Starmer.

Responding to questions after a speech at the Fabian Society conference in London outlining his party’s plans to ‘clean up the mess the Tories have made of the NHS’, the Labor leader said: ‘What we need now is is a situation where you have a Prime Minister who has lost the moral authority to lead.

“And just when you need it, because we haven’t come out of the pandemic, a government that has that moral authority to lead, we’ve lost it with that prime minister.”

He added: “Moral authority of course matters when it comes to Covid, but we have other massive challenges facing this country. We have a Prime Minister who is absent – he is literally in hiding at the moment and unable to lead, which is why I have concluded that he must go.

“And of course there is an advantage for the party, but in fact it is now in the national interest that he leaves, so it is very important now that the Conservative party does what it has to do and get rid of him.”

The Prime Minister is ‘limiting contact with others’ in line with government guidelines after a family member tested positive for coronavirus, Number 10 said this week.

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 11:07 am


Labor ‘could win majority’ with current poll lead as Tories have ‘deep issues’

The Conservative Party is in ‘deep’ over the No 10 Party scandal, a polls expert has warned, with Labor now averaging an 11-point lead.

“With these sorts of numbers, even though the electoral system is currently working very strongly against Labour, we cannot rule out the possibility that Labor will win an election with an outright majority,” Professor Sir John Curtice told LBC.

“So the crux is that last month Partygate did a lot of damage. There were signs of recovery in the polls as he exited the media sphere at the start of this month. It’s all back and the Tories are probably in an even worse position.

He warned Tory voters are now ‘deeply divided’ over the Prime Minister’s future, adding: ‘Once you reach these kinds of levels of disaffection within your own electorate, you have to ask yourself, ‘well , what are we going to do? to do about it? »

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 11:02 am


Young schoolchildren ‘ask the MP’ if Boris Johnson will quit

A senior MP told the BBC about a school visit on Friday when they were quizzed by teenage pupils over Boris Johnson’s behavior and asked by a group of nine-year-olds if the Prime Minister would step down .

Another senior MP, told the broadcaster that MPs will hear so much concern over the weekend, ‘everything could be over on Monday’.

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 10:53 am


Sir Keir Starmer gives vocal warning that PM is ‘unfit to lead’

The Labor leader is currently delivering his speech to the Fabian Society, in which he had planned to say: ‘We are witnessing the shattered spectacle of a Prime Minister mired in deceit and deceit, unable to lead.

Sir Keir Starmer accused the Tories of making a ‘mess’ of the NHS and said he believed lives could have been saved by a ‘quicker’ response at the start of the pandemic.

Andy GregoireJanuary 15, 2022 10:41 am

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