Boris Johnson ‘bogged down in deception’ and unable to lead, says Keir Starmer | Boris Johnson

Keir Starmer has stepped up the pressure on Boris Johnson as the Prime Minister fights to save his job, arguing the flood of bombshell allegations from Downing Street parties have left him ‘unable to lead’.

In a speech to the Fabian Society conference, the Labor leader accused the Tories of failing the NHS because they are ‘too preoccupied with defending its breaking of the rules’. Stressing that ‘waiting times were the shortest on record’ when Labor left government 12 years ago, he said: ‘Rather than focusing on getting through the pandemic and shrinking job lists ‘Wait, this self-indulgent Conservative party is instead fighting for a leader they should have known all along is not fit for office’.

“We are witnessing the shattered spectacle of a prime minister mired in deceit and deceit, unable to lead.”

The opposition aren’t alone in calling for Johnson to quit for breaking the rules after she publicly apologized to the Queen on Friday for parties that took place the day before her husband’s funeral.

On Saturday, Tobias Ellwood, the chairman of the defense select committee, said “we need leadership” and that Johnson must “lead or step down.”