Best Los Angeles hikes for a date

OK, the 2.2-mile dirt and paved loop around the Silver Lake Reservoir isn’t a traditional hike, but let’s call it an “urban hike.” There are some small inclines!

This casual walk will make you and your date feel like you’ve been transported outside of LA Meet up at the dog park at the Duane Street and Silver Lake Boulevard cross section. During sunset hour, the sun glimmers on the water, setting the mood for a romantic walk. Parking may be tricky because the reservoir is in a residential area, so add some buffer time to your arrival to look for parking.

You can lay out a blanket at the Silver Lake Meadow along Silver Lake Boulevard between Earl Street and Armstrong Avenue. Alternatively, pass the dog parks on your way back and continue on Silver Lake Boulevard for a coffee at Lamill or a drink at L&E Oyster Bar (happy hour is from 5 to 7 pm, Monday through Friday).

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