Baby was found crawling around the house in Louth where his mother and son were ‘violently stabbed to death’

The man accused of murdering his ex-partner and his nine-year-old son in Louth has admitted stabbing them to death in their own home.

But Daniel Boulton claims he suffered from a recognized mental health condition that significantly hampered his ability to make rational judgment and exercise self-control, prosecutor Katherine Goddard QC told Lincoln Crown Court at the start of the report. a four-week trial.

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Daniel Boulton, 30, of Alexandra Road, Skegness denies murdering Bethany Vincent 26 and Darren Henson at High Holme Road Louth on May 31.

A nine-month-old child was found crawling around the terraced house when emergency services were alerted around 8 p.m. on May 31 last year, the prosecution told the jury.

Miss Goddard said the young mother and her son were “violently stabbed to death in their own home”.

Daniel Boulton, 29, denied the murder
Daniel Boulton, 29, denied the murder

The prosecutor said: “There is no doubt that the person who stabbed them both is Daniel Boulton.”

She added, “Although he stabbed them both, at the time he was suffering from a mental health problem that significantly hampered his ability to make rational judgment and exercise self-control. “

They had had a relationship that started in March 2019.

But the court heard that by the end of the year the situation had deteriorated and escalated into increasing violence against Bethany and her parents.

A restraining order was imposed on Boulton not to contact Bethany. But he twice violated that court order, Miss Goddard said.

Members of the community came to pay their respects at the vigil for Bethany Vincent and Darren Henson

She was relocated by social services and was due to be relocated in a few weeks at an unknown address in Boulton.

A vigil took place in the village of Chapel St Leonards where they were from a week after the tragedy.

Family, friends as well as complete strangers attended the event in the village square where candles were lit in their memory.

A number of Bethany’s friends read heartfelt speeches, recounting their favorite memories of her.

A charity has since been created in their memory.

Bethany and Darren were buried during a joint service at Alford Crematorium.

The trial continues.

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