As Queensland opens, Wellcamp’s first quarantined guests remain a mystery

Another group spending time in the 500-bed facility – which will soon grow to 1,000 beds – could be skilled migrants, he said.


However, starting next week, students and skilled workers would be exempt from quarantine as long as they were doubly vaccinated with a vaccine recognized by the TGA.

Importantly, the TGA has recognized both Sinovac and Sinopharm, common vaccines in China and elsewhere in Asia, for travel to Australia starting November 1.

Even if an unvaccinated international arrival were to go into quarantine at Wellcamp, they would be excluded from most shops and buildings, including reception areas and many food establishments, once they were allowed to enter the area. community, thus spoiling the interest of its arrival in the first place.

QRAC guests would also have to pay for their own stay of $ 3,220, calculated by the government over 14 nights at $ 165 plus $ 65 per day for meals.

Mr Miles’ office said an announcement regarding the First Wellcamp Cohort is expected this month.

Deputy Opposition Leader David Janetzki urged Queenslanders to seek a fabricated result to justify the secret deal the government has made with the powerful Wagner family.

Artist's impression of the regional accommodation at Wellcamp Airport.

Artist’s impression of the regional accommodation at Wellcamp Airport.

“The state government assures us that Wellcamp is a good deal for taxpayers but will not say how much it costs and who is going to use it,” said Janetski, who is also the Member of Parliament for Toowoomba South.

“Either the state government has a plan for its use and doesn’t share it with the people of Queensland, or they scramble to devise one to justify the millions spent.”

What is known of the conditions is that the Wagner Corporation agreed to build the facility and then lease it to the Queensland government for at least a year. This may be extended depending on the state of the pandemic.

Once this was no longer required by the government, the Wagner Corporation would take back the 1,000 rooms it had built and put them for private use.

President John Wagner has said this could be housing for the workforce on the South East Side of Queensland on the side of the multibillion-dollar Inland Rail project.

Another option could be accommodation for a proposed $ 175 million entertainment district.

The Queensland government continued the Wellcamp installation even though it was rejected by the Commonwealth in favor of a quarantine center at Damascus Barracks on the Brisbane suburb of Pinkenba, closer to the international airport and the city ​​hospitals.

Wagner Corporation President John Wagner during the Premier's announcement of a second quarantine facility at Wellcamp Airport.

Wagner Corporation President John Wagner during the Premier’s announcement of a second quarantine facility at Wellcamp Airport. Credit:Matt Dennien

The Commonwealth-built center, which had been revised down from 1,000 beds to 500, was due to be completed by the end of March.

Queensland is said to be the only state to have two dedicated quarantine facilities.

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