Artist creates Marvel UFC league

Since the days of Athens and Sparta, the rivalry between nerds and jocks has defined Western history. If true happiness lies in unifying the seemingly disparate disciplines of athletics and academia, let’s not kill a good fight by being rational.

López allows fans to vote for the character they think would win an MMA fight, and he decides how that will end.

Several MMA stars are avid comic book fans. Anderson “The Spider” Silva, arguably MMA’s greatest contender of all time, chose his nickname after Spider-Man. Defending UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya uses anime references to taunt his opponents before and after the fight. Sadly, most comic book artists don’t show much love for the world of MMA.

Characters can even win world titles thanks to López’s championship slices.

This is why Rodrigo Lorenzo López is so rare. As a fan of MMA and comics, López created an interesting project through his Instagram profile: Marvel UFC. By separating Marvel characters into different fighting disciplines and weight classes, in accordance with their comic book presentations, López allows fans to vote for which character they want to earn a proverbial “w” in an MMA fight. For an added level of immersion, López even selects other Marvel characters, both heroes and villains, to act as judges and referees to add an element of unpredictability to his micro-narratives. Let’s just say you’d rather have Tony Stark as your arbiter rather than Dr. Otto Octavius.

To enhance the immersion, the fights are judged by other Marvel characters.

If you are looking for a fantastic and interactive Instagram profile with tons of gorgeous art, take a look at López’s page. Hope to see you on the night of the fight.

Shang-Chi recently beat Steve Rogers for the interim lightweight championship.

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