American fighter Grady Kurpasi captured in Ukraine as two others thought to be captured

A former US Marine Corps officer has been identified by his family as the third American man thought to have gone missing in Ukraine while fighting alongside the country’s forces.

Grady Kurpasi has not been heard since April 26, his family’s spokesperson George Heath told CNN on Thursday. He was stationed in the Kherson region at the time.

Mr Heath said the US Marine veteran had been holding a military post so civilians could evacuate from the region, which has come under heavy Russian fire since war began on 24 February.

The US State Department said earlier hours that a third American man had gone missing “in recent weeks”, but did not name the individual.

Two other US citizens – Alexander Drueke, 39, and Andy Huynh, 27 – remain missing in the country and the State Department said on Thursday it could not confirm if they had been captured, although it is feared.

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