Amazing Spider-Man Relaunch makes its cover debut

The relaunch of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man celebrates the wall-crawler’s 60th anniversary with variant covers from InHyuk Lee, Mark Bagley and more.

Marvel is new amazing spider man The series will launch with an assortment of covers from some of the comic book industry’s brightest stars.

In April, Marvel will celebrate the 60th anniversary of Spider-Man’s first appearance from amazing fantasy #15 featuring a new volume in the wall-crawler’s signature series, amazing spider man. In addition to the main cover of the first issue by legendary Spider-Man artist John Romita Jr., Marvel will feature variations of Humberto Ramos, Travis Charest, Peach Momoko, Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, and InHyuk Lee, among others. Additionally, the series will feature a “Hidden Gem” variant by Mark Bagley with inks by John Romita Sr., depicting Spider-Man on a canvas of his most iconic foes.

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Marvel is new amazing spider man The series will be written by Zeb Wells and drawn by John Romita Jr. While both creators’ names will be familiar to longtime Spider-Man fans, this series will be the first collaboration between the two. Wells claims he’s wanted to work with JRJR for years, saying, “To team up with him on amazing spider man because the character’s 60th birthday is so exciting that words can’t describe it. We’re going to have a blast!” Romita Jr., whose latest issue of amazing spider man came out over ten years ago, also expressed his enthusiasm for the series, adding for fans, “I will work hard to make you proud!”

While Wells and JRJR seem happy to be working on Spidey together, Marvel teases that the crawler will run out of friends in the new series. Marvel’s solicitation for amazing spider man #1 explains that Peter will be at odds with the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and even his dear Aunt May by the time he returns. This status quo leaves Peter alone and vulnerable to Doctor Octopus, who concocts a master plan that will have dire consequences for Spider-Man. Plus, Marvel’s promotion for the issue suggests that Peter can only blame himself for this unfortunate turn of events. A teaser released by the publisher shows Spider-Man in a smoky crater, captioned with the text “WHAT DID PETER DO?”

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Before Peter can ruin his own life, he’ll have to cross current Spider-Man, Ben Reilly. Ben became Spider-Man after Peter was seriously injured in battle and worked with Beyond Corporation to gain financial support. However, in classic Spider-Man fashion, Ben’s trust in Beyond Corporation dissolved when they began tasking him with targeting some of New York’s other heroes, including fellow hero Miles Morales. Of March amazing spider man #93 pits Peter against Ben in a final fight to determine who the real Spider-Man is, ending the “Beyond” era.

Peter Parker on the cover of Travis Charest's Amazing Spider-Man 1

Peter Parker on the cover of Peach Momoko's Amazing Spider-Man 1

Black Cat and Mary Jane on the cover of Stanley Artgerm Lau's Amazing Spider-Man 1

Peter Parker on the cover of Inhyuk Lee's Amazing Spider-Man 1

Peter Parker and his villains on the cover of Amazing Spider-Man 1 by Mark Bagley and John Romita Sr


  • Written by ZEB WELLS
  • Art and cover art by JOHN ROMITA JR.
  • Variant cover by HUMBERTO RAMOS
  • Variant cover by MARK BAGLEY
  • Variant Cover by TRAVIS CHAREST
  • Variant cover by JIM CHEUNG
  • Variant cover by RUSSELL DAUTERMAN
  • Variant cover by SKOTTIE YOUNG
  • BENGAL Connecting Variant Cover
  • Web-Head variant cover by PATRICK GLEASON
  • Variant Cover by PEACH MOMOKO
  • Variant cover by STANLEY “ARTGERM” LAU
  • Variant cover by INHYUK LEE
  • Hidden Gem variant cover by MARK BAGLEY & JOHN ROMITA SR.
  • Variant Blanket by ROSE BESCH
  • Virgin Variant blanket by ROSE BESCH
  • On sale 4/6!

amazing spider man #1 and all of its variant covers will be available on April 6, 2022.

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