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In January, ACT Policing will target speeding motorists with the aim of increasing safety on the territory’s roads. ACT Traffic Police Acting Sergeant Aaron Murnane said motorists need to be aware of what will happen when things go wrong if they choose to speed up. “Drive in the conditions and keep your speed at the limit,” said Sergeant Murnane. “During COVID, with less traffic on the roads, we have seen a lot of drivers develop bad habits, including speeding. Anyone who thinks this is still okay is wrong.” Over the past 10 years, speed has gone downhill. was a factor in 19 road fatalities in Canberra. That’s over twenty percent of the 92 deaths since 2012. And I’m sure it’s not heartwarming for the families and friends of those 19 people that each of these deaths could have been prevented. through ACT, and will publish regular updates on the number of speeding motorists in January 2022. ACT Policing’s speed control operations will also be supported by government fixed and mobile speed cameras ACT – who are deployed in ACT and play an important role In addition to fines and demerit points, drivers whose speeding contributes to a collision can face serious charges, including negligent driving or guilty resulting in injury or death, and penalties of up to 14 years imprisonment ALSO READ: This campaign is part of the common ACT 2020-2025 road safety strategy which favors an approach “Vision zero” of road safety. , the multi-agency road safety strategy targets specific issues and behaviors that contribute to death and serious injury on Canberra’s roads, with speeding being one of those concerns. Our journalists work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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