A huge ‘disruptive’ snowstorm will head for Toronto from the US next week

Bundle up and pick a show for the marathon – a snowstorm is coming from the United States, and it could crush any outdoor plans you may have.

The Weather Network reported Friday that Ontario can expect patches of snow early next week. Starting Friday evening, temperatures in the Greater Toronto Area could drop to -20º.

7 day weather forecast for Toronto | WeatherMedia

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Although mostly sunny on Saturday, cold, damp air will blanket Toronto. On Sunday, the city will experience a mix of sun and snow reaching up to 5cm.

Snowfall will continue until Tuesday morning, totaling around 15 to 25 cm over the period.

“Prepare now for potential travel disruptions so you’re prepared for whatever comes your way,” The Weather Network warned, adding that as of now, it’s too early to determine which neighborhoods the storm will affect and updates will follow.

On Monday morning, the City of Toronto issued an extreme cold alert, one of many in January. An overnight wind chill as bitter as -28C is expected on Friday.

As the weather gets tougher, concerns are growing for the health and safety of Torontonians experiencing homelessness. The vulnerable population is at risk as the city’s shelters report outbreaks of COVID-19.

Currently, only three of the four municipal warming centers are open:

  • 129 Stone Street
  • 5800 Yonge Street
  • Venue, Better Living Center, 195, boulevard des Princes

Besides Ontario, the storm is also expected to affect Quebec, causing the province’s heaviest snowfall of the season.

In November of last year, The Weather Network released its winter forecast for Ontario, predicting “fluctuating” weather from January to February, varying between mild, sunny, snowy and icy.

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