3 potential business packages for DeAndre Jordan

(Photo by Meg Oliphant / Getty Images) – Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers made the team’s first trade of the 2021-22 season, trading Rajon Rondo essentially for an open place on the roster. The Lakers sent Rondo to the Cleveland Cavaliers and in exchange received an unsecured contract from Denzel Valentine. The Knicks were linked with the deal for Valentine, which saved the Lakers $ 4 million.

The Lakers could have just given up on Rondo in order to make the extra place in the roster, but the team are so over the luxury tax they don’t want to. The team would still have to pay Rondo’s full salary plus a new player’s salary plus the resulting tax implications. That way the Lakers can essentially replace what they pay Rondo for someone else.

The next player the Los Angeles Lakers could trade is DeAndre Jordan.

The Los Angeles Lakers won’t get anything real for DeAndre Jordan in the commercial market, but they could try to orchestrate a deal similar to Rondo’s. Find a team that could use center depth as the Cavaliers needed a point guard to replace injured Ricky Rubio and receive an unsecured contract for him.

Of course, this decreases the list. Not all teams need a veteran center, especially since Jordan hasn’t been very good. Even when we narrow the list down to teams that need centers, we still have to find teams that have unsecured contracts to ship.

Fortunately for the Lakers, trading in Jordan is not impossible and there are potential trades that could be made.

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