21 best omega-3 supplements of 2021, according to nutrition scientist

Best overall: mbg omega-3 + potency

$ 60

Providing pure fish oil from 100% wild-caught cold water anchovies from the South Pacific, the omega-3 + potency is sustainable from sea to capsule. Standing out from the crowd for its potency (1.5 grams of EPA plus DHA) and third-party ORIVO certification that authenticates the species and origin of the fish, this new school fish oil supplement prioritizes to quality, purity, durability and transparency at every step. Along with 1,500 milligrams of EPA and DHA in their most bioavailable form of triglycerides, you’ll enjoy an infusion of organic lemon oil and rosemary for a fresh taste. When it comes to fish oil supplements, they’re about as clean, innovative, and potent as it gets. *


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