150 Burnaby drivers pulled over in 3 hours for not clearing snow from their vehicles

According to Burnaby RCMP, too many local motorists fail to clear all snow from their vehicles before hitting local roads.

After heavy snowfall Wednesday evening, local gendarmes carried out a three-hour security check Thursday morning, according to a police press release.

Officers stopped more than 150 vehicles over snow-related visibility issues, the statement said.

Police gave verbal warnings to 125 drivers, telling them to get out and remove snow from their vehicles before proceeding.

“In some cases, only small portions of the windows had been cleared, leaving minimal visibility for the driver,” the statement said. “Other vehicles had several inches of snow on top that had not been cleaned up, creating a movement hazard on the road. “

Officers loaned many drivers their own snow brushes to properly clean their vehicles, the statement said.

Some of the drivers said they left snow on their vehicles because they didn’t want to be late for destinations, but Burnaby RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Mike Kalanj said it was no excuse.

“Getting to your destination late is better than not getting there at all,” he said in the statement. “Not cleaning your vehicle is a danger to yourself and to others on the road. “

Some of the drivers stopped by police received more than a verbal warning.

Sixteen received written warnings for driving while their sight was obstructed.

And 11 got tickets: six for driving with an obstructed view, three for driving with unreadable license plates covered in snow, one for speeding (101 km / h in a 50 km / h zone) and one for driving without a license. Licence.

Drivers caught driving with an obstructed view are subject to a penalty of $ 109 and three penalty points.

“With more snow forecast for the Lower Mainland, Burnaby RCMP urges all drivers to plan accordingly and ensure their vehicles are cleared of snow before driving,” the statement said.

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